MEC Ventures is the first privately funded and led firm to unify Chinese and Middle Eastern capital and technology markets.

Boasting over 400 million people with a common language, similar demand patterns and at a similar stage of technology adoption, the MENA region is ripe with investment opportunities and technology-centric market white space. MENA finds itself facing very similar virtual and physical infrastructure challenges as China, therefore well positioned to learn from its approaches.

MEC Ventures will leverage Al Salam Bank’s network and market presence in MENA alongside MSA’s deep expertise in Chinese technology and venture capital to identify and invest in companies founded by the region’s leading entrepreneurs seeking to address critical pain points and lay core technology infrastructure. The Fund will also leverage MSA’s extensive Chinese portfolio which includes the sector leaders in most major deep tech, consumer internet, and healthcare verticals.

MEC is the first Investment Limited Partnership to be established in Bahrain under the recently-introduced ILP Investment Limited Partnerships Law, cementing the Kingdom’s vision to the development of a domestic technology ecosystem and serve as a hub for regional entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Fund will funnel technologies and business models between the two regions, capitalizing on best practices pioneered in the Chinese tech-industry.

MSA has a track record of injecting Chinese-inspired best practices into MENA-based companies led by seasoned local entrepreneurs. Leveraging its regional network and capabilities, Al Salam Bank will complement MSA in accelerating adoption and execution across the MENA region. Collectively, the partners aim to introduce a fresh approach to value creation and knowledge transfer via pairing Chinese technologies and models with local companies.

Fund Application

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